Porta Di Roma       Italian Restaurant & Bar
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Dinner Special -

- Appetizers:

***Stuffed Mushrooms                    9
​Stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat & shrimp
brandy dill tomato cream sauce

Main Dishes:

#1 Spinach & Chicken Lasagna     15
With tomato cream sauce.

#2 Tortellini alla Vodka                  17
With chicken, fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, vodka tomato cream sauce.

#3 Gnocchi Alla Gorgonzola
With chicken, garlic, basil fresh tomatoes , fresh spinach, 
gorgonzola cheese white wine cream sauce.

#4 Pollo all Primentese                  18
Chicken breast with shallots, mushrooms, peppers, artichoke hearts, 
marsala wine cream sauce, side pasta.

#5 Linguine Genovese                    22
Linguine pasta with garlic, basil, herbs, crabmeat, shrimp, 
white wine pesto cream sauce.

#5 Fish- Salmon Piccata                25
With capers, fresh tomatoes, white wine 
lemon butter sauce, over capellini pasta & veggie.

#6 Italian Rib-eye                           32           

Grilled Rib-eye​ with garlic & herbs, madeira mushroom sauce, 
side veggie.

All entrees served with salad & bread